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Are you a business owner facing a dispute or a disagreement regarding some type of misconduct?

A contract or agreement was breached or violated.

A competitor who is doing something underhanded to steal your business or customers.

Someone illegally stole your ideas or “trade secrets” or violated a “non-compete” agreement?

You are looking to start your own business but are being wrongfully threatened by a former employer not to do business?

A dispute or issue between or amongst partners, managers, or employees within your company.

Did you buy or sell a business and believe you were misled or defrauded, taken advantage of, or did not receive full compensation for your business?

Romano & Associates have handled various business and commercial litigation matters for many years.

We are business owners ourselves. WE understand that you need to focus on running your business. The legal battle that you may be facing is NOT your business. It is ours. We understand “practical” If we can resolve your dispute amicably and efficiently, we will do it. If we have to fight and pursue litigation, we proceed; aggressively.

There are times when a legal dispute arises between individuals or businesses and a civil litigation lawyer is needed to come to a resolution. Civil litigation lawyers are generally needed when disagreements arise between two parties over some perceived misconduct. When it comes to matters of business litigation, it is always a wise choice to employ the help of a legal professional. When a business feels that some breach of conduct has occurred, including issues such as a contract or agreement being violated, a lawyer can fight on their behalf.

Civil litigation issues can involve such things as commercial law disputes, breach of contract, property disputes, obligation disputes, violation of contract terms or agreements, the unlawful sharing of trade secrets, unfair business practices, or fraud.

Our office can assist you in deciding exactly how to move forward, and guide you through the litigation in an efficient and effective manner. The law can become quite complicated. Don’t leave any of your legal rights on the table! Please call us and let us help you navigate through your commercial dispute.

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