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The Lawyer

  • After graduating law school, I founded my own practice, Romano & Associates in Garden City, NY.

  • After practicing law for more than 5 years I joined as a partner to form Wisell, McGee & Romano, LLP in Queens, NY

  • After several years as a partner, I decided to take the knowledge and experience I had attained, go back to my roots and re-launch Romano & Associates.

  • Today I am managing attorney to Romano & Associates where we handle matters involving motor vehicle accidents, trip-and-falls, construction accidents, nursing home neglect/abuse, medical malpractice, first responders injured in the line of duty, and other personal injury matters.

  • I also serve as Special Litigation Counsel to Falcon, Rappaport, & Berkman, PLLC, working on a wide array of Commercial Litigation matters, including contract/partnership disputes, estate litigation, real estate litigation, and other business/commercial-related litigation.


Before I became a lawyer

  • I grew up in Franklin Square; a small working-class neighborhood on Long Island.

  • I graduated St. John’s University in Queens as an economics major.

  • I then went to night school for 6 years while working full-time to attain my MBA and later my Law Degree from Hofstra Law School.

  • I started working at an early age and never really had just ONE job. I was a paperboy at age 11 (do kids even do that anymore?).

  • I did tree-removals for 8 years starting at the age of 16, worked as private security at various venues in Manhattan, and worked for major corporations in both finance and sales, before becoming a lawyer.

Aside from being a lawyer

  • I'm married to my beautiful wife Nicole, who works as a critical care nurse. We are blessed with two amazing kids. Our daughter Lia (will be 3 in May 2021) and Luca (born on Thanksgiving 2019!) chase each other around all day and keep us both on our toes!

  •  We like cooking together and eating at new restaurants but love our favorite local places as well.

  • I like boxing and trying to stay healthy. I hope to fight again in a charity fight next year. Charity work has had a true impact on my life.

  • Growing up playing handball, I never thought I would say this, but I really like playing golf.

  • I spend time with my family and friends. Most of my family lives nearby. We spend a lot of time together celebrating occasions and also helping each other (snowplowing and painting).

The reasons I like practicing law

  • I really enjoy coming up with creative and “outside-the-box” ways to advocate for our clients and get them the best result.

  • I enjoy fighting for the rights of people who are injured, neglected or have been taken advantage of and helping them to get justice and compensation.

  • I am a comfortable “underdog” in a case. As a Plaintiff’s attorney, we often are. With my team, we don’t cower to big corporations and insurance companies.

  • I like to think outside of the box to come up with innovative solutions to obstacles facing my clients. If there is a will, there is a way; that is the truth.

I believe

  • Being a lawyer involves having common sense and street-smarts. Cases are not won just on the law but what the other guy has to lose or gain.

  • My clients should be treated like people not as potential profits.

  • Being prepared and being on time.

  • Thinking big and thinking positive, always.

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