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After all the love and support provided by your parent, you worked diligently to find a safe, comfortable home for them.  Although this nursing home or assisted living facility rated highly, every time you leave a visit with your aging loved one, you have concerns.  Perhaps it is difficult to find staff.  Perhaps the room is not clean.  Perhaps bedsheets are soiled with urine and feces.


Unfortunately, many end up with bed sores, suffer from malnutrition and sit in soiled clothes and bedsheets.  Alzheimer’s and dementia patients are left to roam unsupervised, leading to falls and injuries.


This lack of care is not acceptable and, in fact, may be the subject of a lawsuit.  Call Romano & Associates to help determine the best way to bring a claim against the facility to make sure (i) your loved one is properly cared for, (ii) your family is compensated for the facility’s failure to exercise proper care and (iii) nobody else is victimized by the lack of proper care in the future.

Please call Romano & Associates today for a free consultation.

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